Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm is a modern-day group of lawyers with relevant expertise, talents, and high qualifications, operating and providing legal and other professional services that meet high standards and adhere to the principles of professional codes of ethics.

Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm began as a Cambodia International Cooperation Law Group and was officially launched on 24 March 2015. Cambodia International Cooperation Law Group has gained the trust of national and international clients from all platforms through many years of efforts to provide legal services to clients effectively and efficiently, which is the main factor motivating our law group to evolve into a Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm that has been recognized by the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia via Certificate of Professional Office Registration No.254/BAKC-PO/22, dated 14 November 2022. This huge development symbolizes our law firm’s growth, including infrastructure, office space with seven floors, legal services, number of lawyers, staffs, related professionals, clients, and partners.

Lawyers and legal services staff, as well as other Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm staff, have comprehensive knowledge and experience in providing legal services and related specializations, as well as some social work. In addition to the above-mentioned expertise, abilities, and experience, the lawyers of Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm specialize in resolving disputes professionally and intelligently, including alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and participation in the Arbitration Council proceedings for labor disputes and participation in a commercial arbitration dispute.

The lawyers of Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm actively provide defense services and representation in the judicial system at all levels and throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. The protection of clients’ and customers’ rights and benefits is one of the main priorities of every lawyer in our law firm to ensure that our client’s and customers’ rights and interests are not violated and are protected in accordance with applicable laws.

Consulting on investment projects, as well as preparing investment project registration documents and company registration, preparing accounting records, tax lists, monthly and annual tax filing, and internal financial statements, are all important parts of Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm‘s services, and these activities serve as the foundation for our law firm to collaborate with many partners and clients, investment companies, national and international commercial companies, in which some of them are described in the information on partner companies in this website.

In addition to the aforementioned, our law firm is responsible for the preparation and drafting of various documents, such as sales contracts, loan-for-consumption agreements, lease agreements, settlement agreements, and the preparation of wills. On top of that, real estate registration service is also another core service provided by our law firms, which we had already handled several hundreds of real estate registration cases each year. Furthermore, our law firm offers a variety of additional important legal services, which can be found in the services section of this website.

Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm is operating under a specific administrative management system, which covers office building management, security, sanitation, document and inventory management, hospitality, and public relations. Concurrently, our law firm has a standardized financial management and accounting system, which is an important factor in improving the quality of services of our law firm and ensuring trust to clients. The law firm has an official account number that records all transactions, income, and expenses and provides the client with a clear payment receipt (service fee).

Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm also has a long-term strategy for human resource development, with the human resource development department that plays an important role in developing and building the capacity of our law firm’s lawyers and staff by using the existing internal resources and external resources through a partnership with training institutions and trainers with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience. The development of the law firm’s human resources is to ensure that the law firm has sufficient human resources to fulfill our mission for clients and partners at all times.

In strict compliance with professional norms and regulations set out by our law firm to strive to improve the day-to-day performance of all lawyers and our law firm staff, with disciplinary councils monitoring and providing guidance.

Overall, Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm fulfills its mission by focusing on the following distinct visions, goals, and objectives:


Cambodia International Cooperation Law Firm is more than simply a major problem solution; we ensures that major problems will not occur and that minor problems shall be solved.


To ensure that our law firm has a high standard for offering high-quality legal services and related services while adhering to professional ethics.


  • Strengthen the implementation of professional ethics in legal service operations.
  • Provide high-quality legal services in all cases and at all times.
  • Put the interests of customers first in the legal framework and legal documents of the Kingdom of Cambodia.